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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mysterious Noise from the Sky

This is one of the eeriest noises I have ever heard! Read the article below as a possible explanation. I will be praying for wisdom and revelation concerning this. If anyone has any information please leave a comment.

In Christ, Sarah

Video on Youtube:  

The Noise… (Planet X???)
by Pastor F. M. Riley, 3/22/11

This past Saturday night, March 19th, a sister in Christ in Florida called me. While we
were talking she told me that she had heard a strange “sound” which appeared to be
coming from the sky, but that it didn’t sound like an airplane and she couldn’t see
anything in the sky. The sky was just very dark. Nevertheless the “sound” was
vibrating the ground, her home, and even causing the panes of glass in the windows to
vibrate. In the area where she lived, the “sound” continued for about 20 minutes, then
stopped as suddenly as it had started. She described it as a low “rumbling” sound.
That was strange enough, but the next morning, the 20th…

The news media briefly commented on the same strange “sound” that the sister had
told me about, saying that this “sound” had been heard in an area in the panhandle of
Florida. Over 900 people had phoned the authorities reporting hearing the sound and
wanted to know what was going on. Some of them had heard the “sound” for up to an
hour before it just suddenly stopped. The authorities were just as mystified as the
people who heard it. There were no military or commercial aircraft in the area at the
time when the “sound” was being heard. This report made it very obvious that the
sister who called me was not just “hearing things.” So what was it and what caused it?

Now reports are coming in from all over this country and even from other countries
about people hearing this strange “sound.” It always comes from the sky, yet there is
no visible source of the sound; no airplane, rocket, or anything else. Today a brother in
Christ sent me a video recording of the “sound.” He heard it and grabbed his video to
record it and the possible source of it. But as he began the recording and looked
toward the sky, he couldn’t see anything but darkness. But he did get a good
recording, and I listened to the “sound” myself TODAY via his recording. Thousands of
people have now heard this “sound.” Yet no one knows the source of it, or if anyone
does know they aren’t telling. So what is it and what is causing it?

Already some are speculating about various things which could cause this “sound.” Just
today I have received emails from one brother stating his belief that UFO “mother
ships” are arriving in various places all over the earth preparing for an invasion of the
earth and a war. Yet no UFO’s have been seen or reported in connection with this
“sound” that is coming from the sky. If this brother’s speculation sounds ridiculous to
some of our readers, do YOU have a better explanation? It is most definitely happening
in various places all over the world with thousands of people hearing it. Don’t be too
hasty about speculations unless you are prepared to PROVE what is causing it. At this
point this brother’s UFO speculation is as good as any.

The Ancient Sumerians
Okay! I don’t know what is causing the “sound” either, and make no claims to
knowing. But I am sure convinced by the reports of it coming in from various places all
over the world that it is happening. I can’t deny it when thousands of people have
already heard it and continue to report hearing it daily. So now I want to “muddy the
waters” a bit by injecting some factual history into the discussion for your consideration.
Some 3,630 years ago the ancient Sumerians watched with their own eyes as Planet X
came flying through the solar system causing massive destruction in the entire solar
system, including great destruction and death upon the earth. The ancient Sumerians
recorded every little detail of Planet X’s passing in their archives. Significantly,
hundreds of these ancient archives have been preserved and are available to mankind

Now whether some want to believe it or not, Planet X/Nibiru/Elenin/BrownDwarf is in
and passing through the solar system RIGHT NOW. I am now receiving reports and
even photographs of it nearly every passing day. Let those who don’t want to believe it
laugh their fool heads off, but IT IS HERE and it is passing through the solar system
RIGHT NOW. Because of the highly powerful electro-magnetic and gravitational fields
of Planet X, the earthquakes and tsunamis that are presently occurring are only going
to increase in frequency and become worse and worse as it comes flying past the earth.
Some who are laughing and jeering right now will be the same people who will soon be
SCREAMING in absolute terror when they see it for themselves.

The Noise…
But now let’s get to the bottom line about the ancient Sumerians. The ancient
Sumerians who were eye witnesses to Planet X’s passing 3,630 years ago explicitly
recorded in their archives that Planet X could be heard passing through the solar
system. It made a “noise” which the Sumerians described as the sound of a great
wind blowing in the distance. They said that at first the sound was low, but the closer
Planet X came to the earth the louder the sound became until people were terrified by
the “noise.” This is actually and literally recorded in the archives of the ancient
Sumerians. Is this the same “sound” that thousands of people are hearing today? I DO
NOT KNOW, AND I AM NOT CLAIMING THAT IT IS! Is this stated clearly enough? I
am simply pointing out another “possible” explanation for this “sound” coming from the
sky that is now being heard by thousands of people in various places all over the world.
However, I want to set forth another actual and literal truth that I DO KNOW…

The Inspired Word
I DO KNOW that the inspired Word of God explicitly speaks of a “noise” coming from
the sky that will be heard by people on the earth during the Tribulation period. Read
the Scripture text for this study again. In fact, our readers would be blessed if they
read the entire chapter in which this text occurs; Isaiah 24.

The context in this chapter is obviously speaking of the Tribulation period in which
some great unidentified nation or nations located in “the uttermost part of the
earth” from Israel is destroyed by “fire,” 24:6; 24:15-16. Does this suggest any
particular nation to our readers? Think about it! This chapter makes it clear that
during that time the very surface of the earth will become so unstable that the ground
will simply collapse beneath the feet of people as they walk or run on it, 24:1; 24:18.
What will they be running from? The Scripture explicitly states that people will be
fleeing “from the noise of the fear,” 24:18. In other words, fleeing from the sound
of “the fear.” It is obvious that whatever this “noise” is, it will strike “fear” into the
hearts of people to the extent that they will literally “flee” from it. But the Scripture
also says that those who are fleeing will fall into a pit as the ground collapses beneath
their feet. No doubt some will be killed or injured so badly that they will die. But some
will survive the fall and be able to climb up out of the pit. Will they then be safe? Not
hardly! Why not? Because the Scripture then explicitly states, “…and he that cometh
up out of the midst of the pit shall be taken in the snare: for the windows
from on high are open, and the foundations of the earth do shake,” 24:18.
Here in one inspired verse the “noise” [sound] is connected with “the windows from
on high” [the sky or heavens], “fear,” and a great shaking of the earth [earthquakes].

Does this inspired prophecy reveal anything about the future Tribulation period? Does
it gives us a hint into what may be beginning RIGHT NOW with thousands of people
hearing a “noise” coming from the sky? Is it possible that we who are living today are
so close to the end of this present dispensation and the beginning of the Tribulation
that we are not only seeing but HEARING the “signs” of it? Is this possible?

The Word of the Lord
The Lord Jesus Christ Himself, in setting forth the prophecies pointing to the end of this
present age and the beginning of the Tribulation, explicitly stated, “And great
earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and
fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven,” Luke 21:11.

Dear readers, I don’t know what this sound is, but it is coming from the sky [the
heavens] and at the present time there is no visible source for it. Yet thousands of
people have already heard it. It is real!

Is it “possible” that it is the sound being made by Planet X as it is presently passing
through the solar system? The same sound that the ancient Sumerians heard when
Planet X last visited the solar system? Is this possible? Will this “sound” continue to be
heard? Will it slowly grow louder and louder as Planet X comes closer to the earth?
WHEN [not if] Planet X becomes visible to people on the earth, will the sound have
become so loud that it will literally terrify people?

Remember that the Lord Himself also stated in Luke 21 that these “heavenly signs”
would cause such terror to people on the earth that “Men’s hearts [will be] failing
them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the
earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken,” Luke 21:26.
I’ve shared the facts about this “noise” being reported and my thoughts about it.



  1. Hi Sarah! Wow, I live in Toledo,OH and I live about 20 minutes from the airport. I have been hearing a noise that sounds like a jet or airplane, so when I first heard it I thought that is what it was. But the only difference is that it was very close and it lasted longer than 5 minutes. When the planes fly low, there is a whistle sound as the plane flies over head so that's how I knew it wasn't a plane or jet. The ground or windows do not shake as I have never gotten up to feel the windows, but you know how you know when something isn't normal. Now as I lay in bed at night, I'm thinking that is lasting to long for it to be a jet or plane. I don't believe in UFOs but I am aware of somethings that are going on. Wow I thought it was just me, thanks for posting this.

  2. I went on Youtube and found these videos of strange noises also:




  3. Haarp and the government are doing a lot of things these days. If you go to what the earth sounds like back to us in vibration, it sounds a lot of what people are hearing. Do not be afraid! God will not come back to scare His people.

  4. I'm not a scoffer, I truly believe that for our lifetime we've read and heard the scriptures and now folks....fasten your seat belts and stay in prayer. This scripture came to me, and has been with me all day even before I read this post, Luke 21:28 BEHOLD YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NIGH"Behold the fig tree and all the trees; ... look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws nigh. ...

  5. Sarah,
    I live near a train track and we also have planes that fly over. I have also seen the Blue Angels fly over our area for shows. We also live within earshot of the freeway. So I know these sounds. A few nights ago my daughter said she heard what sounded like a plane overhead, but it didn't have that coming and going sound. We are in NWGA.
    Glad you posted this because I wondered what she had heard/it was in the middle of the night.
    Also, yesterday morning the LORD woke me with 'A mighty wind'. Your post brings more conformation to me.

  6. Hi Sarah, I live in Dallas,Texas, and we have heard it for a week now. We believe it is seismic sound wave frequency, we believe a pending large earthquake is coming.

  7. It could well be the sounds of seismic stress as a result of the gravitational effects of planet x as it approaches, echoing off the atmosphere, and returning to land. This echoing is not an unknown phenominon.

    But whatever it is; we should not be afraid, for the Lord has not given us a spirit of fear; for fear is the antithesis of faith and belief.

  8. I am glad something like this has been finally captured on video and recorded and is also starting to make it into light of day. Relying on MSM won't yield any reporting on the matter unfortunately. Here in Northern California on the west coast of the US, for over a year, on some nights I have had a hard time falling asleep because of hearing something similar to as in this video, which seems to come from above the roof and outside somewhere, from all directions and I can't easily fall asleep when it starts doing that. It's not as loud but is the same kind of rumble from all directions. It's not every night, but it's certainly low pitched and seems to rumble itself into the ceiling, walls and even my pillow.

  9. I guess people can't recognize jet engines when they hear them.

    1. Have you heard of the Doppler effect..DOH!

  10. Anon- The lady who heard the noise and made this video said she did not believe it was a jet engine. Here is what she wrote on her video.

    Tallahassee Florida, 3-09-2011.. Around 6:30 on.
    What is this noise??? We thought for sure it was a Tornado, But it never changed it's position, and it lasted for well over 20 minutes or so... It was Soooo Loud, and it was shaking the house and the ground.
    I called 911, They said they didnt know what it was, But that there were MANY calls coming in about the noise. They said they were sending patrols out to check it out...
    There was a Flash of light that came from the same direction of the noise, then the noise just faded away. It was a relief obviously, I still thought it may have been a Tornado, But it also wasn't making any sense to me. We even put the kids in the bathtub and put a mattress over them just in case.
    I called the News Station also, They told me it wasn't a Tornado, And that the police had told them to tell people it was an airplane revving it's engine at the airport. I live 4 miles from the airport, And I have lived here for 20 years, I have never heard an An airplane rev its engine at the airport, that was just insanity.
    So when the noise was over, we drove down to the airport and stopped at a gas station nearby, They said they didnt hear anything. So it was not coming from that direction!
    AND, on the 11 o'clock news that night, the weather man made a comment about all the calls that had come in about the noise, He said, Dont worry, It wasn't a Tornado, and it was confirmed that it WASN'T an Airplane, ALL You were hearing was THUNDER!!!..
    If anyone has ever heard Thunder that was anything like that, Please let me know. It is just so Strange to me that the Stories kept changing.. Like we are stupid or something and dont know what Thunder sounds like.
    Anyway, I Dont Know What it was.. But if you have any clue at all, Please do tell

    Also, Very strange how after the Flash of light there was no thunder, the noise actually stopped.
    Oh, and the NASA Space shuttle Discovery had already landed in south Florida about 5 hours earlier that day. It wouldn't have hovered for 20 minutes anyway, But just saying.
    I had to load this video in a lesser format so that it would upload... If i can find out how to do a higher quality I will.

  11. Sounds like noise(radio waves) from outer space but on a lower frequency so that it has a deep sound, rather than a high pitch sound. If very localized, someone could be detecting on a radio transmitter, and then adjusting the settings so that a louder, deeper sound is made. If this was projected into the air, it might sound like a hurricane.

  12. I have been fasting and praying about this phenomena for the past 5 days; i believe the Lord has given me the answer to this event.

    It is the sound of spiritual warfare over the United States.

    1. the sounds are very worrying,, to me it is the sign of the end of life.

  13. Hi Kristin,
    To be honest that makes the most sense of anything I have heard.
    Thanks for sharing! Sarah

  14. My experience with this was a bit different. I heard it and asked the people at the house if there were train tracks nearby. They said that there was but it was too far away to hear the trains. No one else could hear it. I knew in my spirit that I was hearing something significant but was unsure as to what it was.
    The powers in the heavens are being shaken as Kristen also said.

  15. Amen. Hi Sarah:

    I agree with Kristin and my spirit bears witness there is a mighty battle going on in the heavens..intense spiritual warfare.

    I posted a response on Joan the baptist blog on friday saying the same as Kristin...We need to pray and fast. The date of 19 April thru 1 May 2011 are crucial. These are the dates of Passover, the pagan rituals of the easter/ashtroth/bael worship including the May 1 maypole festivials.

    This will be a time of intense warfare and we need to watch, pray and BE PREPARED. Yahweh will fight for us but we can not be "asleep"

    Father has given 2 witnesses here with the same message.

    Please pray.


  16. I don't know what to make of it. My wife and I heard the same sort of mysterious sounds emanating from the skies, 1:30 to 1:45 AM, today, April 14, over Northern Virginia. These sounds waxed and waned, as if 'looping' around in the sky. We have airports (generally no planes in or out at night), and occasional military planes roaring through, but pretty infrequently, never at night--- these sounds were nothing like the planes, because they didn't simply come, and go, they sort of hung around, reverberated, changed pitch up and down.. and after awhile just left.

  17. If this was filmed near Western Palm Beach County, it could be Pratt & Whitney testing jet engines, they test the most powerful engines in the world.

  18. Kathy, thank you for the warning.

    I went into prayer a moment ago. Father said: "Arise, tell them to pray."
    How many times has this been repeated! Let's keep it up!

  19. known as Redeemed/Kathy

    Thank you for your response and prayer above "anonymous" and words,"Arise, tell them to pray". Father is speaking to those that will listen to His voice.

    Sara has a recent word here on her blog from Wings of Prophecy , "You have heard the warning sound" which goes along with what has been said here on these AWAKEN..there is a battle on going.

    Be encouraged warriors, watch and pray.

    Ps 46 is in my spirit now. Read the entire passage.

    Hold fast brothers and sisters to PS 46:10, "Be still, and know I am Elohim; I AM exalted among the nations; I am exalted in the earth!

    46:11, Yahweh of hosts is with us; the Elohim of Jacob is our refuge. Selah

    Praise be to the Father.

    Shalom and blessings,

  20. Wow I just stumbled on to this page !!!..I'm a true believer in our lord Jesus Christ I was listing to the noise spirit also quicken me as to the spiritual war going on ..I got goose bumps when I read other believers also had the same quickening ...hold fast my brothers and sister for our lord is upon the threshold ..

  21. Heard the noise tonight in cornwall uk. Also my friends who lives miles away in different towns heard it too. Weird!

  22. I heard this same noise this morning at 5.30 am Sunday the 5 th June 2011. I just want to let you know it is happening in South Australia too. I find it strange it happens at night or early morning though. It didn't affect my dogs or the local bird life.

  23. Hi Anon in Australia--
    Thanks for sharing. Do you think the noise is jet engines as some are suggesting?

  24. Hi Sarah, I have never heard a sound like that before! I know it wasn't a jet engine. It was a deep low vibrating noise. I am asking my friends around this area if they heard it too. I let you know if they had.I am a Christian too and I know time is short. I just pray the Church will preach the whole Word of God! Yours In Christ. Tanya

  25. Hi Tanya-- God bless you sister! Keep us posted with any updates.
    In Christ, Sarah

  26. Hi Sarah. I'll try and post this comment again. Don't know what happen to it.I know that this wasn't a jet engine. It was something I had never ever heard before. It was a low deep strong vibration to it and very loud. I'm in the process of asking friends now about whether they heard it.Jesus is coming soon I am sure. Yours In Christ. Tanya

  27. Sarah,
    I am Tanya's sister - I've not heard the noise myself but I watched the video and my first thought was that this was the rumbling of Satan; I discussed this with Tanya and she and I prayed for enlightenment from our Lord and for protection.
    Thank you for posting your experience for us to learn more.

  28. I did a lot of research on this sound thing and I found out 100% proof positive what it is. A YT channel from BUG believers underground, Scott, a friend now, has been a professor a geologist and quake expert, and a ordained minister, do not let his looks fool you, he lives in CA and talks and looks like a 60's hemp head, layed back, bearded cat, I watch all his videos and he shows maps, graphs ect.

    He tells what is causing all these anomalies esp what are called space quakes. Earthquakes in the air, due to post glacier rebound effect, he shows the shots of the difference of an earthquake and a sky quake, and it is also why the birds died off in Bisbee AR.
    He does not dismiss HARRP, he just says that is not his field he is a geologist. He has with his science predicted every single quake, and with little fan fare, he even predicted the recent NZ quake that just hit.The real link from his vid is a fact of science so read for yourself.
    this NASA article is truth, they are not known for telling truth LOL.

    Also I read what one women posted saying after fasting and prayer she had a revelation that it is, spiritual warfare in the heavens I 100% agree with that.God uses the natural in the supernatural way, God can use nature as his rod of correction as he uses a pagan army.
    Spiritual warfare can be the unseen becoming seen and known by natures anomalies, I.E. the supernatural displayed in similitude's with the natural.

    I point out in my posts and the sermon on fear, that what I disagree with from ALL these things, all of them, all, are saying the earth will be flooded, and we know from Noah this can not be, an ELE event can not take place anytime soon, as it is out of the prophetic time line, as we have not even entered the great tribulation yet amen.
    So do not fear, much is happening in the supernatural realm, and the natural, but bless God, he is the Lord and creator of the Natural and the supernatural and He alone controls it all.
    God bless.
    Thanks for the post from my Sunday sermon on Joy thanks sister.
    I wonder sometimes if anyone is out there.
    Beware all, there is so much dis info out on the net one can get so afraid and end up not knowing what is what and who is telling the truth, Planet X, Y and Z God created them all.

  29. Hi Danny,
    The noise is something to pay attention to. People don't realize that all things like this are in fact spiritual to some degree. The realm of the spirit is right here with us! Possibly the noise is a natural geological manifestation of something that started in the spirit realm?? It is all connected! The Holy Spirit said to me when I prayed about it, "electromagnetic induction." I had no idea what that was. I have heard others say it could be ionospheric induction.
    As to the Elenin object, I believe that at the very least this fall, we will see another Japan type event. And most likely several of them. A Dr. Mensur Omerbashich did a study and published a paper on Cornell University website concerning how Astronomical alignments are the cause of Magnitude 6 plus earthquakes. He shows how the Japan quake and the other recent large quakes were caused by the alignment of Elenin, earth and sun.

    Now-- do I believe that people should pack up and go live in a cave as these survivalists are doing? Absolutely not! That goes 100% against what we are instructed in the Word. Our shelter is in the most High God and His son Christ Jesus and not in the arm of flesh. We are not to fear and I can assure you I do not fear.
    God bless!

  30. This is the much talked-about rift opening between the spirit world and physical world. Hundreds of thousands of demons are pouring through this rift into our world so they can prepare for the final world battle of good and evil. Later in this video you can even hear the loud roars groans of the demons. Don't forget these demons, like the angles are hundreds of feet tall. Get ready!

  31. Ok I was reading your post, Pastor and I have been studing Bible prophesy for 19 years. Luke 21:26 is events that will take place towards the end of the Tribulation. If its true that people are hearing strange things, then so be it. Pray about it, but be careful throwing scripture around. Some things we just dont know and wont know until we are in Gods presence one day. As for Planet X or Nibiru, that is just a hoax. And as for the Sumarians, I will never trust was some heathen tribe is going to say. Look to the Word of God first. Know your time lines and pray. If your not sure. Keep your mouth shut. God is in control. Im not afraid. I dont doubt that people are hearing things or even seening things. But remember the Devil? Hes a good lier!

  32. Hi there, I live in Liverpool,England and have heard the same strange noise a couple of times.
    I opened the window and stood listening to the sound, which was definately in the sky. It was very eery and unsettling, however, my Faith in The Lord, through Jesus Christ our Saviour will not allow me to be afraid.

    Peace and love to you all, and God Bless !

  33. Hello. Am in Little Rock, AR and have heard this exact same sound, with same duration, yet it has occurred at least 4 times. It builds up and then seems to cut off, it doesn't fade, it just comes to an abrupt stop. Standing outside on my porch the moon is out and bright enough to show me nothing in the sky except a bright star to the right. A few hazy clouds drifting over the moon and surrounding area. It has occurred enough times that I saw a helicopter make a search circle and think it was trying to figure out what this sound was. No doubt, we probably here in Little Rock are calling this in as it does not seem like it will stop! I kept thinking as it grew louder and louder that something humongous was going to clear the building across the street from me, or explode.

  34. This morning I checked, and something interesting happened at the same time this noise phenomenon occurred here in Little Rock. It ended up occurring here 5 or 6 times on the 16th (yesterday evening), but what occurred from space was that a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) hit the earth at that same time! It was stated that it was not an intense CME however. It would be interesting to plot the other instances of what was experienced last night, to what was going on in space in regards to the sun. We have also had 0 days of spotless days on the sun so far this year. EXTREMELY unusual for this to happen. Check out for details.

  35. I am so glad I found your site, on Sepember 2nd of this year 2011, I was by the pool sitting my grandchildren where in the pool. It was 1:45 in the afternoon...sunny sky ..I heard a low rumbling noise in the sky like grandchildren heard it too..but no clouds it was very went on for about 1 hour. On Sep. 7 we had a devastating flood in upstate New York and hit my county very hard..I wonder what was that noise and if it is warning us of things to come.

  36. I have also heard this several times here around Clinton Missouri.We live out in the country.Once it was followed by something that sounded like a strange animal sound.Then,the dogs and cattle started up.It was very eerie.It was in the middle of a sunny day.

  37. Well it's been several months since the last post here, and the sound is getting more frequent, more places and louder... I have heard it myself... and it was not fun. It was sometime in the late summer.. just a couple of months ago. It came from everywhere, felt like an earthquake was coming, sounded like one, but no ground movement, whatsoever. Though could feel it like a Bass through my chest. It was very scary and so different than anything I have ever experienced.

  38. UPDATE on this post-- I check the live Traffic Feed (found on the lower right hand side of this page) every day to see what key words people are entering to arrive on this blog. And every day now for months since I posted this there are keywords entered from all over the world that pertain to a loud noise heard from the sky. Of course there is no way to know if this is related but I present this for your own discernment.

    Here is the list from this morning with the key words and the city / country that the search originated:
    "sound rumble in sky"- Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    "weird noise from the sky"- Kuching Sarwak Malaysia
    "noise from the sky"- Virginia, Minnesota USA
    "strange sound in the sky over Conlin"- Merritt British Columbia Canada
    "strange noise in the sky"- Canada
    "what caused the sounds in the sky"- Ketchener, Ontario Canada
    "noises in the sky"- Boone, North Carolina USA
    "noise from the sky"- Farmington, Michigan USA
    "noise in the sky"- Edmonton, Alberta Canada
    "weird sounds from the sky"- Athens Attiki Greece
    "noise in the sky"- Calgary Alberta Canada
    "noise from the sky"- Bandar Maharani Johor Malaysia


    Thank you Sarah

  39. Check out this video with recordings of some of the sounds coming in from around the world--

  40. Article about these Mysterious Noises--

  41. I watched the video of the whale song that is similer to that mysterious sound:

    I thought that it sounded like shohar sound I watched a video that that it may be are apocalypse trumpets:

    It may be the HARPP, I am not sure about it.


  42. I didn't listen any of them because its not in my town but it is in my country[malaysia].
    after i knew it, i am so afraid because when i read Revelation 8:7,i dreamed of the verse before.

  43. A couple nights ago I was awoken to a noise exactly like that in the first video above. I heard it and so did my daughter who yelled to me from her bedroom what was the noise. I said I didn't know and maybe it was an enormous low flying jet. Now, I knew it wasn't a jet...if it were it was so loud and close sounding that it should have crashed into my house. plus it lasted so long and never really fluctuated as if it were getting closer and then getting farther away. it gave me a creepy, eery feeling. i feel back asleep before it ended. I sort of put it out of my mind until tonight when my mom (who lives a couple miles from town. i'm in the country) and she was telling me about this huge sound that woke her up and she thought it was the weirdest sound. i had also gotten up as it was happening and looked out my living room window and there wasn't a light anywhere in the sky. i have no idea what it was but it freaked us all out bigtime. we are in northern wisconsin.

  44. Hi Heather-
    Thanks for sharing with us. Is there an airport near you or any other place or activoty that could explain the noise?
    God bless, Sarah

    1. I heard the sonar, whale song type sound at exactly 8:30am today. I am in Augusta GA right beside Fort Gordon Base. I have lived on or around base for half my life and the other half by JFK in NY. I remember those planes flew so low sometimes that the house, gound and trees shook. This is not the same thing. I also have be around for drills and things on base but no horns sounded no planes were in the sky. Im not sure how long the sound lasted but I was expecting to hear a bomb It was so loud.

  45. Hi Sarah,

    I've been talking to some other people and they all heard the same thing as we did. Now, mind you, the one woman I spoke to lives around 30 miles from me and she heard it too. She even got up, opened her kitchen door and looked around to see nothing. Another one told me she heard it while in her basement room and was too scared to get up and look out the window. We all also felt like a rumbling or shaking was so loud.

    My town is small, about 2,700 people. We have a tiny airport but nothing ever lands or takes off from there other than a few small planes now and then. It's rarely used. Our hospital does use the Flight for Life helicopter but it wasn't that...I've heard that many times before. Other than those things, I can't think of anything else "logical" that it could have been.

    I've been reading lots of things...watching lots of other videos online. Still not any closer to what I think it really was. My "best" theory is some sort of experiment by the government....a stealth hovering aircraft maybe? I don't know. Of course, that would not be something that was going to be used for "good".....we all know that.

    Thanks for replying! Take care, Heather

  46. Heather are you near a Military base of any kind?

  47. Nope, no military bases any where near us. I've been talking to more people who also heard it. It's just so weird.......

  48. I live in Ohio & so far havn't heard the noise..i've played a few of the videos on this and i have to say it's very scary & creepy..i personally feel its god speaking & warning all of us that the end is coming soon.

  49. Here is the latest--

  50. ok guys, I am here not to make anyone feel bad or offend anyone, rather just to crack a few eggs of Knowledge
    First of all, I do believe in God, i am 25 and I was baptised Christian when i was 16.
    I wanna let all of you know, this is not God (the god I believe in anyway) or the return of Jesus or anything like that.
    This is a scientific phenomenon, and it all has to do with MAGNETICS
    So, if any of you have ever seen a speaker from your average boombox, its speakers have magnets which pulse when shocked with energy and create pulses in our humanly audibly range. (which is 20-20,000Hz.
    So since the sun (yes the sun that heats our earth) is in its highest point of its solar cycle (which can and has be confirmed by NASA and many other independent sources) it is sending HUGE amounts of charged Ionized particles at our earth Ionisphere (Magnetic Field) it is cause ripples in our earths atmosphere which are reaching extended lengths and getting drawn out to the point where our human ears can actually hear the waves.
    I Live in Calgary Canada and these sounds happen roughly 3 or 4 times a week, I can actually predict when the come due to this site which tracks the sun and its CME's (Coronal Mass Ejections)
    Check out
    and also

    If thats not enough to ease your minds and stop worrying about this being the end of the world then I truly wish you go out there and find something that really makes you happy, and just embrace that instead, maybe ask god for guidance..

  51. Thanks gramF for your comment- you could be right and maybe not. My question is this- if this is a "scientific phenomenon, and it all has to do with MAGNETICS" then why has there never been any reports of these noises prior to the last couple of years? Why would no one have ever reported it in the media as they are now? I realize that we have YouTube now and people have video recorders on their phones now more than ever, but why has there never been a report of this, that I am aware of, prior to this time?

    Here is the latest compilation of noises heard around the world.

  52. oops forgot the link-

    Here is the latest compilation of noises heard around the world.


    Sarah, just found this article today about strange, unexplained noises. To gramF. Magnetics, Magnetism, completely misses major points. 1. If this were the case, US and Canadian officials would have explained this. 2. Why the recent activity and not noticed before (for your information NASA has been EXTREMELY involved and has openly described all aspects of space exploration including solar activity for the past 50 years and I'm 57 years old, educated, well read, and I've never heard any report or occurrence of these sounds until recently. 3. Magnetics, Magnetism, is a far, far reach to explain this. This is like me saying this can be explained by particle theory, radiation theory, quantum theory, wave theory, electromagnetic radiation theory, acoustics theory and on and on....Although physical laws, physics, are created by God, it should be noted that science just fails to explain events in the spiritual realm and this I believe is truly spiritual in nature.

  54. Hey Shandre I am from Toledo origionally but Ive been living in Boca Raton Florida since 1990 and I was wondering if you or anybody you know in Toledo have heard that noise before? About 6 months ago I was outside and there was a thunderstorm out over the Everglades and there was the strangest noise coming from this storm! And another thing, this thunderstorm was so violent that I have never ever seen this much lightning in one place in my life! You could hear the thunder coming from this thing but you could also hear this strange rumbling/blowtoarch noise coming from this thing as well. Ive experienced this noise twice and both were when it was raining. Im wondering this too because I also saw where people were hearing this noise up there in Windsor Canada just north of you.

  55. A noise shall come even to the ends of the earth; for the LORD hath a controversy with the nations, he will plead with all flesh; he will give them that are wicked to the sword, saith the LORD. Thus saith the LORD of hosts, Behold, evil shall go forth from nation to nation, and a great whirlwind shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth. And the slain of the LORD shall be at that day from one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth

  56. What you are witnessing is the trumpet of the angels of God are blowing them, but you cannot see them because they are interdementional being and they are simply doing the work of God warning people according to tho Bible just before judgment on a massive scale will take place. Think of it as Gods super natural army with super hero power to redeem man from sin and bring Gods jugdment. We are not from this earth we are Gods children and we are going Home soon in the rapture in the name of JESUS

  57. There are fake videos and there are real and i have seen them both and that does not change the fact that the fake video was created and the real video is the reason for it. Too scarry for people to except, as more prophectic events unfold eventually it will face you and you will be grabed with fear or overjoyed because the Lord Jesus has raptured you from the coming wrath that God is proclaiming thru angels that are making the noise in the real videos THANKYOU JESUS.

  58. These sounds may well be the heralding of a soon coming paradigm on this planet. The earth groaning as a woman about to bear a new child. Sounds penetrating an inter-dimensional barrier. I am reminded of: "there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs (auguries, foretokens, signalings, polarities) from heaven." Luke 21:11

  59. If you live anywhere near the Toledo Ohio area. Or near Oregon oh. The sounds you are most likely hearing. Are the Toledo sunoco refinery. I have lived in Toledo for 30 years and this noise is common when the refinery is being matenanced. I am a religious person but there are explanations for this noise.

  60. Chozenvessel Hi I live in Augusta, Ga I have been listening and watching some of the videos as well as reading these blogs. At the end of last year about 20 to 25 miles from me what is called Columbia county what people were hearing was loud blasting sound, well the news stated no military planes, no known blasting in the area numerous calls to 911, still today it has not been explaine. I am a christian woman some have given good explanations but I believe the word of GOD speaks very clearly about what is happening now and what is to come, some of the sounds sounded like the biblical horn called the Shofar which was blown in biblical times of war or during the exile when Moses led the slaves from bondage, if you have never heard the sound watch the Ten Commandments or Youtube the sound. I stand on the word of GOD any day their is to much going on in the Land to not BELIEVE. All praises and Glory unto our FATHER in HEAVEN

  61. n January 31 2014 my husband and I were watching tv and heard a loud noise like a train horn but it was continuous. We stepped out on our porch it was about 7pm and we saw nothing in the sky just stars. We thought it was a train but it wasn't the train came after the sound was gone. We then knew it was not a train but couldn't figure it out. Now I believe it was the trumpet of God. Athens Texas is a small town and no one knew what it was. God is sending a warning to his people to be ready and watchful. Are you ready? I am! Praise God and give him all the Glory

  62. Hi, I just found this site today. I have a lot of questions here. I believe in God. I totally believe, but I don't understand. I get very mad at the people who make fun of this, as it is not funny and in the end they will be crying out. But then it will be too late. People, wake up. Really? As another has said, why now is this being brought up? I mean if it has always been. I am just now hearing of it and it looks as though it has been going on since 2008. I guess I am a mushroom. I can't help but be scared. I don't think it's out of anything but sorrow though. I feel for the ones who are not believing more than anything. I have not heard anything so far. I mean for the first time I am just hearing of this. So I have been reading as much and watching as much as I can to learn more. Why are only some people hearing this? Not that I want to hear it but I am very curious. God tells us not to be afraid so I won't but worry for the unbeliever goes on. Then we have Satan who will fool us, I have to believe God will show us the difference. I always thought though that we would all hear the Trumpet calls at the same time. Anyone? A Dirty Ruffled Warrior Of God..


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